Product Design BSc (hons)

Traditional product designers need to understand the form, shape and aesthetics of the articles with which they are working. Modern enterprises now demand that we are also fully conversant with the technology that is involved with the manufacture of these products. This technology includes medium and high volume production methods, the understanding of the uses and limits of materials, the ability to ensure that the product is fit for the use it was designed for and that it is produced 'right first time'.
During the programme I will develop a balance of creative and management skills along with my base knowledge of applied production, engineering and materials technology.
I'm encouraged to make use of the extensive facilities in the school for the computer design, rapid prototyping, testing and manufacture of designs using modern computer-controlled machine tools.
Technological aspects are taught within the School of Computing, Engineering and Information Sciences. This is complemented with design theory, practice and aesthetics which is delivered by staff from the School of Design. The School of Design also has excellent model-making facilities.